Foosball is a table game with little men on sticks that are used to kick a small ball into the opponent's goal. Actual players control rows of these fake players fastened to sticks. They can only move the men from side to side or spin. Each side of the table gets four sticks, or 11 foosball men. In this league, matches are best of five games with each game needing five points to win. People can play alone or on teams; the ITSF offers both options. The ITSF has five World Championships Series events on the five different official tables. It also has a World Cup every year, where the 60 plus tournament tour comes to an end. This year's is Dec. 28 30 in Pakistan. AMERICAN CORNHOLE ORGANIZATIONFILE In this July 18, 2014, file photo, Toby Smith, of Blacksburg, Va. By December of 2000, Google received more than 60 million searches per day and reached the 100 million search mark per day in 2001 "Google, Inc.

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Perched on a second floor loft on Wooster Street, an ambitious new concept jewelry store brings high end pieces — the kind you find around 50th Street, where Madison and Park Avenue giants like Tiffany’s reign — to SoHo.