m. , where you’ll find a free beer pong tournament in full swing. This is one of the few establishments around the Detroit area that hosts weekly beer pong, and there are even prizes––the champions receive a $50 gift certificate. Come in the next night, too, for something special––the owners cooks their favorite recipes every Wednesday. Get your team together and head to Motor City Sports Bar for a round of flip cup. This table game is pretty simple. Face your opponents and begin with the customary toast, then drink up!The challenge is to be the first team to finish drinking and flipping all of your cups over. How that is accomplished is up to you, but this must be done without using both hands. Motor City Sports Bar also offers other games that put your skills to the test too, such as darts, pool, foosball trivia and video games. This unassuming place always features sporting events on the bar’s big screen TVs. The menu includes standard bar fare like hamburgers and fries, but it’s the Balkan dish of cevapi that has patrons coming back for more. Consider the fish and chips, consider the excellent clam chowder, but also consider the crowds — we recommend picking up your dog before you insert yourself into the mob thronging the counter. You’ll also want to consult this article 2037327 order ivars seafood bar seattle. html for tips on how to order like a pro. The shoppers among you will want to visit University Village , an attractive outdoor mall with a variety of big name and local stores. Several of the businesses are pet friendly, and it’s an appealing place to stroll. If you’re visiting with a canine companion, grab a 100% beef hot dog with all the fixings at Dante’s Inferno Dogs you’ll find the cart next to the children’s play area, and then walk over to Tokyo Sweets right next to Boom Noodle for a dessert crêpe.

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