are excellent punishments

public service are excellent punishments and (at least whippings) are not practiced in the U. S. A (Black 1998). But where they are practiced, crime is lower. These forms of punishment also do not cost the taxpayers a lot of money. For most criminals, the threat of adequate punishment targets At present, there are many entry-level camera models in the market. These include products from major global players like Canon, Sony, and Olympus that are promoted widely in the market. Canon will further provide significant competition for Blinks multi-feature camera because it strongly markets its professional models like the 50D and 7D, however, Blink can beat it in the entry-level models if significant marketing is done because it often overlooks its models such like the 1000D. The company projects that its strong marketing campaign for its entry level and the multi-feature camera in both new and established markets will help it capture a significant market share by gaining popularity among the population because of enhanced product awareness. Blinks competitive edge Blinks entry level camera has an affordable price of $ 300 compared to the ones offered by rivals which cost $ 150 on average. The better price offered by Blink will give its customers goo d value for their money coupled with features that are quite similar to the expensive ones. In addition, the user guide that comes with the multi-feature camera provides an easy to use interface that can help professional photographers and personal users to gain confidence in using the multi-feature camera with a step-by-step guide and inspiration. Such a feature is not available in the models that the competitors offer.Advertising Looking for proposal on business economics? Let’s see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Marketing Mix Product For both products, the company will provide three-hour training for the buyers for them to gain an understanding of their respective cameras and their features. This will build their confidence in handling their cameras. Promotion The company will hold road shows in polytechnics, colleges and tertiary institutions to attract the youth segment who are the main customers for the entry level cam era, use will also be made of the social network particularly Twitter and Face book. On the other hand, the multi-feature camera will be marketed through television and newspaper advertisements and demonstrations to selected media houses (Marketing Donut, 2012). Price All the products will be relatively cheaper than those of the completion (Smith, 2010). The entry level camera will sell at $ 50 while the multi-feature camera will go at $ 500. Place The company already has dealers in all its major markets; however it will recruit new dealers in its new market segments. For this the two brands will be readily available to customers. The dealer shops will equally offer after sales services where customers can service or repair their products. People As a company, Blink will recruit training disc magnets incapable of further offenses temporarily through imprisonment or permanently by execution (Stephens 1990). This option of punishment differs from rehabilitation in that no special treatment is given to the offender in hopes to change him. His surrounding is a set area in a cell or execution chamber that many have used before him which protects society
ring magnets rehabilitation, and societal protection are all effective ways our society deals with lawbreakers. Each of these justifications is an attempt to protect society by ensuring proper punishment is carried out. Since crime has statistically dropped in the past 20 years we can conclude that our
neodymium sphere magnets drug users and small time dealers off the streets, but we have to pay for their food, clothing, and housing for 15+ years. My personal opinion: When even hard drugs like coke and heroin are cheaper than most medicines, then maybe our definition of criminal needs a harder look
sphere magnets conclusion the four types of justification for punishment including retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and societal protection are all effective ways our society deals with lawbreakers. Each of these justifications is an attempt to
ring magnet Since crime has statistically dropped in the past 20 years we can conclude that our justice system has a positive effect on crime REFERENCES Stephens (1990) High-tech crime fighting Futurist, Jul/Aug90, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p20-20, 6p, 3 Black and White Photographs, 2
neodymium disc magnets General Deterrence received on October 27, 2012 from http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/483544/punishment/272339/General-deterrence# Golash (2005) The case against punishment: Retribution, crime prevention and the Law New York: New York University Press, 2005. 240pp. Vol.staff who will offer complimentary training to users of Blink cameras. In addition, marketing staff will be recruited who will carry out the promotion f

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